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Structure Of The Will

The Will has the following structure:

  • It identifies the person making the Will (you), otherwise known as the “testator”.
  • It revokes (cancels) all previous Wills, to make it clear that this Will replaces any earlier Wills you may have made.
  • It names the personal representatives, called the “executors”, for your Will.  These are the people who will be responsible for distributing your estate according to the wishes outlined in your Will.
  • It instructs the executors to pay all valid debts, expenses, claims and taxes on your estate.
  • It tells the executors to give your beneficiaries whatever is left in the estate after the debts, expenses, claims and taxes have been paid.
  • It names one or more people who should take custody of any minor children.
  • It allows you to plan whom will look after any pets that you may have whilst you are alive

Printing The Will

Once you have printed the will/s, they need signing

Signing The Will

In order to make the Will a legal document, you should first print it and read it thoroughly. Make sure that it accurately reflects your wishes and that you understand everything that is contained in the document. Once you are happy that it reflects your wishes, you must sign your Will in the presence of two independent witnesses, and the two witnesses must also sign the Will, in the presence of the “testator” (yourself) and in the presence of each other. A witness cannot be a beneficiary of the Will, a member of your family or married to a member of your family, they cannot be the spouse or civil partner of a beneficiary (at the time of signing), they should not be a minor, and, like the “testator” (you), they must be of sound mind.

For the signing procedure, gather the witnesses together in a room. You should make a formal statement that you have gathered them to witness the signing of your Will. They do not have to read the Will or know its contents. They are only required to witness your signature.

After The Will is Signed

After the Will is signed you must keep the original and all copies in a safe place, and let your Executor/s know where the original is stored.


We can store your Will safely and securely here within our vault. Most banks will charge £40 annually for this service. Here at David Nicholls Associates, we charge £15 per annum.


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