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Your Will is your written wishes when you have passed away so your wishes are strictly confidential. All details we hold are kept private and confidential.

Power of

Peace of mind knowing that if you can’t make those all important decisions there is someone there that will take over and have the legal power to make sure the bills get paid &you receive the medical treatment you deserve.

Trained Advisors

Whether you speak to us over the telephone, via email or Zoom you will have the knowledge that we have many years of experience and can point you in the right direction and can advise you correctly.

Do You Need a Will?

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    inc. seperated or divorced

    Life Insurance

    This is one of the cheapest insurances available BUT can be the most important. Can you imagine passing away unexpectedly and having a mortgage with your partner / children unable to pay it ? Or even providing the normal living costs covered for your children. This is what life insurance does, it protects you and your family in case this happens.

    Severance of Tenancy

    A tenancy on a property is normally jointly which means that if a man dies, the woman normally receives the property in her name entirely. What happens if you split up and haven’t sold the property ? Most of us would like our part to go somewhere else than a now ex partners pocket – a severance of tenancy achieves this.

    Children’s Trust

    If we die and we have children under 18 years of age, when they reach 18 years of age, they legally inherit our assets. MOST parents will want this extended to 21-25 when they are a little more adult like and sensible. A children’s trust will allow you to have this in place.

    Discretionary Trust

    A Discretionary Trust is a trust that allows you to control who benefits from your assets whilst you are alive. This can be to avoid inheritance tax, avoid partners children from inheriting your assets over your children or even making sure that new marriages, divorce or step children are covered.

    Business Protection

    Any business man or woman will say that apart from family, this business is their baby and they want to make sure the business is protected if something happens that can jeopardise the future of the business. Business protection can protect the owner whether sole trader or a group of directors to employees.

    Personal Will Advisor

    Your personal will advisor will work with you from the first conversation onwards to help you get you where you need to be

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