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Wills & Estate Planning

It cannot be stressed too highly how important it is to make a Will. If you die without a Will then you are classed as having died intestate, and the courts will distribute your estate in accordance with the legal lines of succession. This could potentially leave your estate with a large legal bill. In some extreme cases, bills through probate solicitors can be up to 4 or 5% of your estate (everything you own) but this isnt typical with every solicitor. Example; if this was the case, you own assets of £100,000. The solicitor could charge potentially £4-5,000 for their services. Please note, this is an exception and not the average charge.

Having taken virtually your whole life building up your estate (everything you own – property, personal possessions, etc) you don’t want to lose control of who inherits them?


Arranging a WILL will make sure that your home, money or personal possessions can be left to the people you want your possessions to be left to. Trusts can avoid expensive inheritance Tax bills and planning your estate properly can make sure your family and children receive your legacies under your wishes.

Some people think that by writing their own will will save them money. This is often false as probate lawyers will often charge a great deal of money sorting out errors and mistakes in the Will. If you make ANY mistakes, its your beneficiaries that will pay to put them right. Having stressed how important it is in making a Will. its important to recognise that a Will has many limitations. If the Will is properly organised and drafted then changes in your circumstances / lifestyle in the future & can avoid loss of assets.

When we help you, we will assess your financial aspects of you and your estate properly, explain the different areas you should be aware of legally and make sure your Wishes are kept.

This will be initially over the telephone (PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE NUMBER ON 01202 830171 OR DEDICATED MOBILE NUMBER 07966 983865) & we can see the Best way to help you.

Areas to take into account.

* Do you have an Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability on your property or estate?

* Can you avoid this and How?

* What happens to any mortgages you have when you die?  Who will pay for them if you die and can they afford to ?

* What happens to your children?  Do they go into care or have you planned in your mind that your family will look after them ?

* Lasting Power of attorney – do you know what this means?

* Trusts – what are they and how can they protect you ?

* Funeral planning – who takes care of this and how much does it cost?

* Long Term Care – will this mean that the government will make me sell my home if i go into care and how much does it cost ?

All these areas and more can be covered in a free initial assessment to make sure you are safe and protected.

For our Will assessments, we will initially assess your details over the telephone and then make an appointment to come & see you at your home depending upon your circumstances or help you over the telephone.

Wills are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Nicholls Financial Services Limited trading as David Nicholls Associates is an appointed representative of In Partnership the trading name of The On-Line Partnership Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) FCA number 540161


The Will that has been designed and organised for you is a legal document & is highly advisable to store a copy of this at the Society of Will writers. They will keep this in their Vault and your executors will be given details allowing them access to this. Please remember, IF the master copy you had was lost, drawn on in crayons by your children or torn, in the eyes of the law, this makes the will invalid. For either an annual fee or a lifetime storage fee, we can organise for your Will to be stored safely and securely. You will receive a certificate of storage and you will have extra peace of Mind knowing its stored if ever needed.

Please note, Wills and estate planning advice are not regulated by the Financial conduct authority.